Planning to Move? Take this Relocation Checklist with you

Planning your relocation to another city may take more planning than you initially thought. The key things that can make it a daunting experience is the amount of things you need transferred, what to do with the things you won’t bring, pets you will be taking as well as making sure you choose a reliable moving company with a good reputation. 

Over the years, many folks have reported bad experiences they had with moving companies. Some lost their things, arrived damaged and also experienced extreme delays with moving their belongings to their new place. You almost have to make sure everything is synchronized with the moment you arrive at your new place, you are expecting your things to also arrive shortly depending on the distance which is definitely a factor also. 

Moving Checklist

When moving to your new city always pack a safety envelope or case that contains all your important documents such as your passport, visa, personal documents and many more. Aside from bringing the documents, make sure to also have them scanned and sent to your online drive as a backup in case anything happens, you never know. Other documents such as certificates can be safely packed and delivered by the moving company.

Do your research about the new location. Go on a virtual tour by using Google Maps weeks before the move so that you can familiarize yourself with your new place. Before transferring, families with kids always check the nearest schools, malls, restaurants and more. It would also be a good idea to familiarize with the public transportation in case you did not bring your vehicle with you.

Choose a reliable moving service. Most moving companies have also evolved in which they now provide tracking services, insurance as well safety boxes where the breakables can be put into which are important especially if they are valuable. Always check the online feedback before putting your trust into a moving company, some may be too affordable however their reputation may be shattered due to negative feedback from past clients. A reliable moving company will also walk you through the entire process such as estimating the number of days till your stuff arrives at the new location, things that can be assembled and disassembled in order to save space and many more.

“The most important checklist when moving to a new city should always be your moving company, the experience should be hassle free and painless. You are already going through an adjustment with transferring to a new place, your things should not be another thing to worry about.”

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