About Us

Hitek Moving started their journey
as a local company providing
moving services.

Now 20 years of experience later,
our name is synonymous with quality and efficiency
when it comes to moving services.

We started out slowly, providing quality moving services utilizing one moving truck as we looked to establish our name in our local area in Los Angeles. Two years later, as we continued to gain experience, we were able to expand to other major US cities and increase our workforce by 220%.


Our steady expansion continued as we began to specialize in long distance moving, vehicle transportation, packing, moving and much more. What sets us apart from the competition is our thorough understanding of the moving process, required documentation, customs clearance and other areas of expertise. Aside from this, we value our clients by making moving an easy experience and ensuring that they get what they need to get done quickly and efficiently.

With more than one hundred thousand transactions completed, we have been able to make numerous improvements to our systems and develop the most advanced transportation methods available today. We utilize only the most advanced moving equipment (which includes our trucks, tracking equipment and systematic customer service) to provide the most efficient moving experience possible.

More Than


Happy Customers

Venturing Into the Future

With millions of miles logged, Hitek Moving continues to move toward a bright future. By relying on our core principles, we are confident that we can provide you with the best moving experience possible. By keeping our commitment to quality service, we continue to maintain our global presence in the moving industry and continue to grow with each passing year.

Where We Operate

We currently operate in the US and South Korea. We provide quick turnaround times for all inquiries with the help of our well-informed and friendly staff.


What We Specialize In

Long Distance Moving

Make the smart decision for your next move and ensure that your family is supported by a team of professionals with the connections and knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional results when it comes to long distance moving.


We assist with all aspects of moving, including getting a cost quote, packing, freight, customs clearance, documentation and more. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive service that covers you from beginning to end and affords you peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Vehicle Transportation

We specialize in car transportation by utilizing our transport trucks to get your asset safely and securely to its destination. Your car will be safely transported from your home garage to your destination’s garage. Vehicles including sedans, SUVs, vans, trucks, two-wheelers, tricycles and boats can be safely transported using our dedicated transport trucks.

Packing and Moving

We have a wide range of professional movers and trucks to help you relocate efficiently according to your schedule and situation. Our team carefully packs your items and help you with customs clearance procedures as well. From moving, packing and placing items in each room at the destination we will be involved at every step of the moving process.

Moving to Korea

We assist clients relocating to Korea. We will safely transport your items from anywhere within the US to your location in Korea. Experienced Korean moving professionals are responsible for everything from direct packaging to shipping, transportation and delivery. Hi-Tek Moving provides customers with a custom Free Estimate service to help their clients get the best possible deal. We will provide you with a hassle-free experience that also includes handling customs clearance.

  • Safe and convenient packaging
  • Housing, shopping mall, office specialties
  • Accurate quote estimates
  • Packaging and transportation by a team of Korean professional movers
  • Full unpack and clean up