Moving to Korea

Individual Customer

We help you get the task done efficiently by utilizing the accumulated experience of our team. Our team carefully packs your items that can be challenging or bothersome for you. In addition, we also assist you with customs clearance procedures as well.

We will safely transport your items from any point in the US to your home in Korea. Experienced our  moving professionals are responsible for everything from direct packaging to shipping, transportation and delivery. Hi-Tek Moving provides customers with a custom Free service estimate to help returnees get the best package deal. We will provide you with convenient service which also includes customs clearance.

Most items such as household goods and kitchen utensils used by customers (those who have stayed more than 2 years individually or 1 year with a Family) for personal or home use abroad, can be cleared without paying taxes. However, you must pay tax on taxable items, items where the quantity is over the allowed limit and new unused items.

Required Tax Items

  • Vessels, aircraft, automobiles (except for domestic cars registered in Korea prior)

** Automotive companies manufactured in foreign countries are subject to taxation (e.g., Hyundai, Kia, etc.)

  • Jewelry, pearls, etc., each of which has a taxable price of more than 2 million won
  • Goods that have not been used for more than 3 months (new)

** If it is unclear whether the moving goods have been used for more than 3 months before entering the country, a duty-free item such as a receipt must be presented to obtain tax exemption.

Limited Quantity Items

  • Piano, electric organ and other musical instruments (domestic wholesale price exceeding 2 million won)
  • Electro-acoustic equipment (domestic wholesale price exceeding 2 million won)
  • Luxury furniture and lighting equipment (domestic wholesale price exceeding 2 million won)
  • Silk-Vertical Carpets (More Than 5 Sqm)
  • Refrigerator also freezer (more than 600 liters)
  • Color television (greater than 29 inches)
  • Camera and projector
  • Packaged Air Regulator
  • Washer and dryer
  • Dishwasher and Gas Stove
  • Other items that are typically limited to one (set) per household

Classification criteria of unused new items

  • When there is no sign of refurbishment of packaging outside the factory
  • When outer packaging is open but inner packaging does not show any signs of being opened
  • When both inside and outside packaging are opened but there is no trace of use

Types of Moving to Korea

Korean who stayed more than 2 years in U.S

  • As a Korean national, a person who has lived in a foreign country for more than two years (one year or more with a family) after returning to Korea for the purpose of relocating to Korea. However, in case of returning home early due to unexpected reasons, a person who has lived for more than 1 year (6 months or more with family).
  • As a Korean national (overseas permanent resident) who has a permanent resident card of another country, he or she must live in Korea for at least two years (one year or more if accompanied by a family) by setting up a residence in Korea for reasons of permanent return home or employment.
  • A foreigner (including foreign citizens) who has set up a residence in Korea and resides for more than two years (one or more if accompanied by a family).

Korean who stayed more than 1 years in U.S

  • Korean nationals (excluding overseas permanent residents) who have set up residence in a foreign country and have stayed for more than one year (6 months or more with their families) before returning to Korea.
  • Foreigners (including those who obtain foreign citizenship) or permanent resident overseas, who have set up a residence in Korea for employment, etc. and stay for more than 1 year (6 months or more with family).

Short-term residents

  • Korean nationals (excluding overseas permanent residents) who have settled in a foreign country and have returned to Korea for more than three months and less than one year.
  • A foreigner or an overseas permanent resident who has settled in Korea and will stay for more than three months and less than one year.
  • Residents of less than three months are classified as general travelers.

Moving to Overseas

 We will help you with the best technology in the industry based on our accumulated experience for many years so that you can have a hassle free and convenient process when moving abroad.  Hi-Tek Moving has a team of experienced professionals who can handle different conditions and moving destinations to provide a safe and efficient overseas moving experience.

Our Professional Packing with Confidence

  • Air cargo should be packaged in specially manufactured pallets and corrugated cardboard,     rather than wooden boxes, to provide the lowest possible weight.
  • Shipping freight is packed in a waterproof wooden box, or packed in a waterproof, moisture-proof wrapper and then loaded in a container.
  • Each breakable cargo is packed separately.
  • When packing in a carton, tap all the corners above and below.
  • Carpets and carpets should be rolled up without folding and wrapped in special moisture-proof packaging.
  • Furniture and appliances that are difficult to pack are also specially padded to protect the product after special packaging.

Moving from Korea to Worldwide

  • Europe (UK, France, Hungary, Spain, Russia, etc.)
  • Southeast Asia (Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.)
  • All of China (Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen etc.)
  • All areas of Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, etc.)
  • All Hawaii Areas (Tuesday, Friday)

** Commercial Freight Hawaii DOOR TO DOOR Service with the Best US Best Price Guarantee

Corporate customer

Hi-Tek Moving helps you quickly and accurately move your employee to help your company transition throughout the world in line with globalization. Experienced moving professional and the industry’s best transportation infrastructure are always at your disposal to help you relocate to different locations where you may initially have challenges to be competitive against global companies.

We always place a high priority on our commitment to our customers based on our trust and service spirit. The packaging technology, the state-of-the-art storage facilities, and the prompt customs clearance and delivery service of local experts, who have been leading directors of large company representatives for the past 10 years, are proud of Hi-Tek Transport, which has been making continuous efforts for customer satisfaction.

We will provide TOTAL SERVICE such as packing, transportation, storage, customs clearance and delivery with the know-how and professional manpower of the transportation industry. Hi-Tek Transport always insists on the same service.

  • Prompt customs clearance and delivery service
  • Best packaging technology in the industry
  • State-of-the-art storage facility
  • Home Transportation and Arrangement

Our Professional Procedures for Moving to Korea

1. Counseling / Packaging / Transportation / Insurance in the United States

If you make a contract after consulting with Hi-Tek, our professional staff will come to your house to complete the packing according to your desired date. If the guest wants to pack the wooden box, the store will be completely packed in the wooden box.
If you don't want it, we will pack it in a Carton Box and Bubble Box, and then ship it by container.

2. Shipment in the United States

Moved by private trucks, they are securely stored in state-of-the-art facilities until they are shipped on vessels in the United States.
Moving goods that have been received / inspected by US Customs on the basis of the documents completed at Hi-Tek are shipped on a pre-scheduled date to begin shipping by sea.

3. Arrival / Unloading in Korea

The movers arriving at the destination port will be unloaded under the control of the customs office.
You can rest assured that our staff will contact you before the container arrives.

4. Import / Storage of Bonded Areas

According to the destination in Korea, it will be brought into the bonded area and stored until the final customs clearance.
Tax on taxable goods prescribed by Korea Customs must be paid separately.

5. Customs Clearance / Export

The customs clearance inspection will be conducted in Singal or Yongdang. In this case, the owner of the mover should be present and inspected.
If you have a special reason (overseas business trip, non-entry, childbirth, etc.), you can delegate customs clearance to your agent.

6. Documents required for import declaration

  • Import Declaration: Prepared by the Customs Association in Customs
  • Copy of bill of lading: issued by Hi-Tek Moving
  • Documents necessary to confirm the period of stay such as employment contract
  • Passport or Alien Registration Card