Corporate Moving Overseas Services

We help you quickly relocate your employees to help smooth out company transitions. Our experienced moving professionals and the best transportation infrastructure in the industry are at your disposal to make your relocations easy and efficient.

We place a high priority on maintaining our commitments to our customers in the spirit of upholding trust and top tier customer service. We continue to make strong efforts to increase customer satisfaction by keeping up to date with the best packaging technology and using state-of-the-art storage facilities, which has led us to be positively reviewed by local delivery service experts.

We provide TOTAL SERVICE, which includes packing, transportation, storage, customs clearance and delivery using the know-how and professional manpower of the best that the transportation industry has to offer.

  • Prompt customs clearance and delivery service
  • Best packaging technology in the industry

  • State-of-the-art storage facilities
  • Home transportation and arrangement

Our Professional Procedures for Moving to Korea

1. Consulting / Packaging / Transportation / Insurance in the United States

  • If you sign a contract after consulting with Hi-Tek, our professional staff will come to your house to complete the packing process according to your desired date. If you want to pack the wooden box, the store will be completely packed in the wooden box.
  • If you don’t want it, we will pack it in a carton box and bubble box, and then ship it by container.

2. Shipment in the United States

  • Moved by private trucks, your items are securely stored in state-of-the-art facilities until they are shipped on vessels from the U.S..
  • Moving goods that have been received / inspected by U.S. Customs on the basis of the documents completed at Hi-Tek are shipped on a pre-scheduled date to begin shipping by sea.

3. Arrival / Unloading in Korea

  • The movers arriving at the destination port will be unloaded under the supervision of the customs office.
  • You can be rest assured that our staff will contact you before the container arrives.

4. Import / Storage of Bonded Areas

  • According to the destination in Korea, it will be brought into the bonded area and stored until the final customs clearance.
  • Tax on taxable goods prescribed by Korea Customs must be paid separately.

5. Customs Clearance / Export

  • The customs clearance inspection will be conducted in Singal or Yongdang. In this case, the owner of the mover should be present.
  • If you cannot be present due to special circumstances (overseas business trip, non-entry, childbirth, etc.), you can delegate customs clearance to your agent.

6. Documents required for import declaration

  • Import Declaration: Prepared by the Customs Association in Customs
  • Copy of bill of lading: issued by Hi-Tek Moving
  • Documents necessary to confirm the period of stay such as employment contract
  • Passport or Alien Registration Card