Commercial Moving

Hi-Tek Moving understands that every company’s relocation needs are unique and require specific attention and care.

We have helped numerous companies develop commercial moving plans suited to their needs without impacting their quality of service for their customers.

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Our corporate relocation services include packing, moving and unpacking at the specified destination.

Regardless of your company’s size or needs, we can manage your next corporate move so that you can focus on what matters most. We offer unique solutions for office or factory relocations as well and guarantee a fast and safe relocation experience.

Full Relocation Services

We provide full relocation services that allow you to focus on maintaining your business and managing your employees. We provide dedicated support to help you throughout the entire process of corporate relocation.

IT Equipment Relocation

Our professional moving team carefully packs, transports, and distributes system equipment, server equipment, and computer equipment.

Domestic and International Services

From local to international relocation, we have extensive experience and a successful track record with providing all types of relocation services.

Commercial Moving

Our office moving teams work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your company can continue its business unhindered in the shortest amount of time possible.


Relocation Planning Consultation


Sorting, Classification and Packing


Loading and Transporting


Unload and Wrap-up


After Service Care

Our Clients



  • AUGUST | LG Electronics CALEXIDCO Factory and Corporation and Representative (El Centro, California – Mcallen, Texas – Chicago – Korea)


  • MARCH | Samsung Design Center Office (San Francisco, California – Dominguez Hill, California)
  • JULY | Pantech Wireless Office & expatriate (Cypress, California – Dallas, Texas – Atlanta, Georgia)
  • December | SK Telecom International Company and expatriate (Los Angeles, California – San Jose, California)
    All Office &representative of Samsung Electronics B Division (Irvine, California – Ridgefield, Park New Jersey)


  • MARCH | SK Telecom International Office (San Jose, California – West Los Angeles, California)


  • MAY | Sambo Computer Company & Expatriate withdrawal (Elpaso, Texas)
  • JUNE | LG Group MBA Program (GEMBA) (Seattle, Washington – Korea)
  • AUGUST | QA Lab & Office (Irvine, California – Dominguez Hills, California)
  • OCTOBER | LG New York Office   (NJ – Cerritos, California)


  • JUNE | LG Group MBA Program (GEMBA)  (Seattle, Washington – Korea)
  • December | Pantech Wireless Office  (Irvine, California – Cypress, California)
LG Daewoo


  • APRIL | LG Bio Medical Lab Equipment and Office Research (San Diego California – CA-Daejeon Daedeok Research Complex)
  • AUGUST | Daewoo Corporation Office (La Mirada, California – Anaheim, California)
  • NOVEMBER | Ceragem Americas Corporation (Los Angels California – Los Angeles California)


  • AUGUST | Samsung Electric Company (San Jose California – Irvine California)


  • JUNE | Samsung Electronics DITD Division Office & Director (San Jose California – Irvine California)
  • JULY | Director of LAB & Representative, SISA Division, Samsung Electronics (San Jose California – Irvine California)
  • SEPTEMBER | QA Lab Equipment & Office Relocation (San Jose California – Los Angeles California)